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I finished the survey, when do I receive points?

You will encounter two types of messages at the end of a survey: a completion message or a disqualification message.

At the end of a survey, you’ll either get a disqualification message or a completion message. A completion message usually means that the points will be immediately added to your Bizdustry Offerwall account. https://offerwalls.bizdustry.com/

On the other hand, being disqualified means you did not qualify for the survey. This could also mean that the advertisers have reached their maximum quota for the survey and will automatically decline all survey attempts. This could also happen if you rush through or provide answers that are inconsistent or fraudulent.

Below are some examples of end screens that you may get while completing our surveys. You may receive similar end screens, as there are multiple providers and survey routers however the end message remains the same to understand.

Credits will credit instantly to your Bizdustry Offerwall account. Please note that if a chargeback is processed by our partner for fraudulent submissions, this will result in credit reversal and possibly suspension from our service.

Updated on February 12, 2023

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