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How do I Complete a Survey

Completing a Paid Survey Website Task (https://offerwalls.bizdustry.com/)

Step 1 – First, you want to click on Offerwalls. When you have logged into the Offerwall, this page should appear. On the left-hand side of our Paid Surveys Website, click on “Earn” then; “Offer Walls”.

Step 2 – Choose an Offerwall Partner. To explain, I will choose to complete a survey with CPX Research. The first default option is OfferToro, but you can easily toggle between providers to maximize your earnings with Bizdustry.

Step 3 – I have already filled out my profile before this Tutorial. When filling it out, you’ll be asked basic questions like how old you are and what you do for work. When filling this information out, you must be truthful, as you’ll be matched with market research studies that are relevant to you.

If you choose another offerwall, some tasks don’t require actions before payment, like downloading apps, for example. On the left-hand side arrow, you can scroll down if you choose.

Step 4 – We know that 1,000 points is equal to 1,000 points. While the offer for 130 points is only equal to $0.13, it will only take me one minute to complete. CPX asked me to install their browser extension.

Step 5 – If you succesfully complete the offer, you will be redirected to Bizdustry where it will say the credit has been applied to you’re account. You will get an extra (0.01USD$) for rating the study out of 5, with a small sentence to share any feedback to the advertisers.

Step 6 – Since we take 20% commission, my account was credited with 104 points (0.104USD$) or (0.10$) to the nearest USD$ cent. You will be able to confirm these details by going to the main offerwall website, reviewing your latest balance logs. You’ll be able to withdraw once you have 2000 points (2USD$) to BTC under “Money, then Withdraw”.

Updated on February 12, 2023

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