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How do Surveys Work?

How do Surveys Work?

Earn points each time you take a survey. You can use these points to claim various digital rewards, such as gift cards & Bitcoin.

Getting Started

Our top-earning members complete a lot of surveys every day. Sharing their opinion, helping to shape the products of tomorrow while getting paid for it. It’s easy to start answering surveys, so here’s what you need to do.

Advertisers pay our partners for each survey completion; in return, we give our users a slice of pizza. Sounds yummy?

Create An Account on Bizdustry Offerwalls

You should verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email. https://offerwalls.bizdustry.com/

Choose an Offerwall Partner

CPX Research 

Some providers, like CPX Research, will still credit points even if you are disqualified or partially complete a study. This will usually range between 0.01USD to 0.05USD$ depending on several factors.


Wannads provide a list of Routers and Surveys that you can complete. You’ll need to complete questions before the survey to ensure that you appropriately fit the advertiser’s needs.



OfferToro has many survey providers, including YunoSurveys, CPX Research, DollarForYourThoughts, Opinion Bureau, and more. You’ll need to click on “Surveys” to access this.


BitLabs shows, out of five stars, how popular each survey is. After a user completes a study, the member will be asked to rate it. It also shows up front how many points you’ll get for an approximate amount of time spent filling it out.


Tips & Tricks

Enter honest and truthful information, as the advertiser will check your answers, and continued reversals could result in account termination.

Avoid speeding through or giving inconsistent answers.

Updated on February 12, 2023

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