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Why did I get disqualified/quota message?

Why did I get disqualified/quota message?


Before they accept you for the research study or your responses, survey companies have a list of requirements that must be satisfied. They are looking for specific people to take their surveys. We have no authority over the necessary qualifications determined by the survey supplier for each survey. At any time during the questionnaire, a respondent may be disqualified.

Reasons that may have caused the error:

  1. Demographic – the advertiser could want to gain the opinions of people in a different location, race, age, income level, or even what you do for work.
  2. Always take time to answer each question, and avoid racing through the survey. This can lead to the survey being terminated immediately. Advertisers and our partners are looking for honest feedback so they can better shape their products.
  3. Be consistent throughout (don’t select conflicting answers). For example, the survey may ask for your birth year at the start and the end of the study.
  4. Avoid using a VPN or anything that masks your location. Either the partner will ban your account, or our anti-cheat system will.
  5. And most importantly, have fun! (p.s; not a reason).

Updated on February 12, 2023

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