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Copyright & Fair Use

Copyright & Fair Use

Requesting Removal:

If you are an attornery, solicitor or copyright claimant (LIP) and would like to request removal of your work that has been re-posted on Bizdustry, its subdomains or subdirectorys we kindly request that you email [email protected] with the title “Copyright Removal Request”.

You will need to provide evidence that the content you are requesting to be removed belongs to you as a copyright holder, which may include proving your identity. Any information will remain secure and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations and ICO guidance.

Across our directories, sub domains and the main website external website visitors can register and interact with others, in that occasionally they may unintentionally violate copyright laws. We take all matters seriously and will ensure a prompt removal.

Kindly note that copyright claims will be responded within 7 days of reciept. Please do not report to external agencies such as web hosting or CloudFlare until you have followed this practice.

Copyright Act of 1976 – Fair Use & Information

Under section 107 from the Copyright Act of 1976, entitlement is given for “fair use” for purposes such as analysis, opinion, news coverage, schooling, scholarship, instruction and examining. Fair dealing is permissible use shielded by copyright regulation which might be violating if not endorsed. Non-profit educational or individual use goes in favor of fair dealing.

Section 107 holds a catalogue of the diverse intentions for which the emulation of a certain work may be viewed as righteous, including examination, remark, announcement coverage, training, erudition, and exploration. Section 107 further states four points to ponder while deciding if a specified usage is valid:

1. The aim and nature of the application, including whether the use has commercial intent or is non-profit educational purposes.

2. The description of the copyrighted work

3. The size and significance of the part utilized relative to the copyrighted work entirely

4. The impact of the use on the prospective market for, or cost of, the copyrighted work

Updated on February 11, 2023

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